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Overall Andy Coen has done a good job as coach. However, I have no idea what he was thinking yesterday by starting and playing McHale for the bulk of the game. They say he has a strong arm, but both times I have seen him in a game his passing has been nothing short of horrendous. Although our defense has been a problem all year, the difference in the game was the dramatically different level of the quarterback play. Some one said, the coaches decided to use McHale because that allowed them to use the whole playbook. My question is, how does not being able to hit a wide open receiver open up the playbook? I truly believe that we have good athletes on defense. If that is, in fact true, then the question is why was our defense so bad all year? In my mind, it was the coaching. The defensive scheme should be adapted to the players not the other way around. I don’t believe we had the size and strength up front to effectively run a 3-4.