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On point,IMO,critiques. D has excellent athletes at each level and an abudance at LB. DL is a collection of DEs tall,fast athletic but not a run stopper in the bunch which in and of itself negates benefits of the 3-4. a domino effect from there back to Safties. A fixable problem. The 2-5-4 they used occasionally was not bad but only a patch.

Only issue on O is QB. In PL it is th be all and end all of offense. MM’s experience only a plus if he can utilize it. He does have a very strong arm not evident yesterday as he seemed to be aiming his throws. Nerves ( ie Choke). Shaf is our QB. Why Dave didn’t just trim playbook,as was done for Phil,I dont know.Up to Dave to coach him up for next year.
Yes, K well aware of your desires on O :).

Done with this year. Now to recruiting full time.