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I’ve been traveling for work so I’m trying to get caught up on all the action I missed on the board (the uptick in activity here in the last week is awesome btw, let’s keep that up!).

Few things:

– I was the poster who commented on JG’s competition. The league is legit. Five team league with 2 teams in the top 11 in the Washington Post rankings and D1 talent spread throughout the league. That said, it still strikes me as very odd that a team with two D1 players went 3-23 and had trouble picking up wins out of league. As far as I’m concerned JG is a total wildcard with virtually no information available.

– Even though BJB is a soph eligibility wise, I don’t think any us know for sure he will play two more seasons after this one. As one of the articles about his ordeal mentioned, he is taking basketball year by year. I would think that he is loving the ride he is on now (who wouldn’t?), but it also seems like he has grown very close with the jr class. He is a jr academically, and I’m not sure if he is the kind of kid to stick around after getting his degree to play some more ball. Like all of us, I wish BJB nothing but the best and hope he sticks around and continues to be a major player for LU, I just don’t think we should read to much into his soph eligibility.

– Lastly, like some other posters, I remain high on CB. I think at a minimum he will develop into an elite PL rebounder and defender. He doesn’t have a polished game, and could use some more size, but every time the kid has played he has played hard and rebounded. That is his role and I think he will only get better at it. He may even surprise us with some more offense down the road.