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I think this year’s rookie classwas hampered/blessed by the fact that Lehigh was returning quality starters in nearly every position. None lit up the board but if you include Bailey in the class, they were very serviceable and will continue to grow into the college game.
A couple of statistics that might surprise you:
Conroy Baltimore lead the team in rebounds/min and blocks/min. The former was almost 50% more than the next closest.
Schaeffer had an assist /TO ratio >2 which is outstanding for a freshman PG.
Bailey shot 51% from the field and 52% from the 3. Only Maneri was better in the former and BJ led the team and posibly the league in the latter.
Stefan shot nearly 38% from the 3 (his specialty). His overall game needs improvement but he is only a freshman.
I am confident that these guys will make their mark in 2 years when this current group of studs graduate.