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LUHoops00, rounding back to our earlier discussion of ranking recruiting classes, I am pretty disappointed with the current freshmen class. As I said before, the goal with any class is to land one 4 year starter. Your top recruit should be able to come in and start, and hopefully, you get 2 contributors. Late in their career, you hope 2 start and the other is a key substitute. This year’s class only has one contributor, CS, and in critical games his input is limited. I think his upside is as a pass first point guard who scores under 10 a game. Going back in history, i say his upside is Scott Layer from the end of the Queenan/Polaha era, although Layer was a 4 year starter on a very good team. I am unsure if any of the will ever be starters. All have some potential. If SC picks up his defense, I think he could be a key 3 point shooter off the bench. But, he seems to have very little game off the bounce. CB is a definite wildcard. I don’t think I have seen enough of him to know what he is. I am hoping in next couple years he can blossom into a solid 4, but jury out. Class is a bit of a bust to date. The sophomore class is also not panning out as expected and I have some disappointment there as well. MM fills my criteria of a 4 year starter, so that is very positive. Key for him is can he be your leading scorer in his senior season, as so far, he is going to be the show in 2 years. KM is another wildcard. If remains injured, it kills the class. He could be anything from a starter next season to no contribution for rest of career. AD has slipped down the pecking order and really given virtually nothing over 2 seasons. I think he has potential to score some when current juniors graduate, but I had hoped he would be further along. Is it possible for a player to have the best game in his 4 year career in the first game his freshman season? After the 17 vs. Penn St last year in the opener, he has been invisible. Everybody wants to include BB in sophomore class, but I am looking at pure signed classes out of high school, where Read initially missed on BB. Obviously, his upside is huge. The incoming class to me is critical because if those guys don’t pan out, the cupboard looks pretty bare. This team could win 25 again next season and potentially drop to single digit wins the following year. Critical that Devon Carter and Jesse Chuku develop quickly into star type players.