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Several thoughts.
1.) I think Lehigh has one other distinction on that list. They are the only non-scholarship listed. With scholarships added next year, I think Joe will be more prone to go that route if such an opening exists.
2.)As a followup to #1, the tradeoff is a big payday vs getting your team banged up. To that end, I would love to see Army or Navy back on the schedule. A MAC team could be intriguing. Penn State or Pitt could be an embarrassment which doesn’t serve us well.
3.)I’m not sure how scheduling works now but they used to be completed about 2-3 years in advance. We settled in on 11 games with 6 being intraleague (incl Fordham) and 3 pledged to the Ivies, leaving only 2 to play with. Has the Ivy status changed?