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You are missing some facts. First, Lehigh is D-1. Second, a FBS team can only count a win towards being bowl eligible if the opponent carries 57.5 (I believe that is the #) football scholarships. This is why PL, Ivy and PFL teams very rarely get a FBS game. Colgate/Cuse is a very rare exception. Joe has no chance of scheduling a BCS game at this point. In 4 years when we get to that scholarship level, we stand a good chance of getting a money game on occasion. Army, Navy, Rutgers, Duke, Stanford, Vanderbilt would be my favorites. Not before. Don’t believe there is a pledge to Ivy for a specfic # of games, but all PL teams see the Ivy as natural competitors and gladly schedule with them. Georgetown fans occasionally opine that they don’t get their share.