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I didn’t realize the scholarship limit issue on 1-AA games counting toward bowl eligibility. I am surprised a school like Wofford (which is really small) and others in that conference are fully funded scholarships to that level. Apparently, it is 90% of 63 scholarships or 57, so that makes sense as to why it hasn’t happened up until now. Apparently, the going rate for the 1-AA team to show up and generally get beat is about $500K.

On the other note, you can call Lehigh D 1 if you want, but they are D 1-AA, or in today’s terms they are FCS (Football Championship Series) not FBS (Football Bowl Series). They could end up playing an FBS school in the future that is not a BCS school (Bowl Championship Series) as the BCS is only ACC, SEC, Big 12, Pac 12, Big East, and Big 10.

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