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Agreed, 90 – winnable game. Fouls hurt, a lot. I continue to be impressed with TK’s polish on offense – but he needs to be available for more minutes. He went at 2 and 3 guys with good results, when he was on the floor.
AP had a bad night, plain and simple. Foul trouble, and never got a rhythm. Mackey was just awesome.
Another take-away, for me – we MUST have either JC or JG on the floor at all times for defense. They changed shots, forced kick-outs on deep posts – good stuff. But when neither was on the floor, it got ugly in the paint. CB was capable on that front too – playing with an energy we haven’t seen before, IMO.
In general, I’m very impressed with JG so far. Biggest issue I saw last year was confidence, and that appears to be fixed. He knows what to do when he gets the ball in position now, and is ready to do it. I think he deserves minutes.
I have argued here for more SC minutes. He is not ready – at best. I’ll hold out judgment for a bit, working out of injury – but his night was ugly. If he can drain 3s, he’s a big guard – I won’t give up yet. But tonight… damn.