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Tough road loss, but we should expect this from such a young team, they got to go through the growth process and learn to win games on road. Negatives were clearly reblunding, we gave up a ton of offensive rebounds and second chance points and that killed us. Mackey was brilliant and Tim had some really nice buckets and a few other moves where shots just didn’t fall. We didn’t get any breaks either and that never helps. AP with early foul trouble didn’t really play until second half and despite struggling shooting the ball you saw some good things. He attacked the rim and drove by first layer of defense for a pull-up jumper, he has a good iq. JC not big offensive output, but was nice to see some drives and get in the lane a but more. JG was active and agree with Todd, you need him or JC out there to add ateticksm and energy at all times.SC isn’t ready to play, not at full speed and was never an athlete to begin with but he’s limited and costing us big time. Tough Loss but this w
ill build character and we got another opportunity out west.