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What more can be said that hasn’t been said already? Not much and thanks for the reports above. I missed the game live but ran home to watch the DVR taping. Should have stayed at the party. Now switching gears and heading north to the Colgate game but had to leave some lasting impressions from last night.

Gotta feel for SC…… He’s hurting and clearly not ready to play 18 minutes on a bum leg. Not planting well and timing is well off. An air ball?! I don’t think we can expect much from this fine young competitor who gave us 14 mpg and 5 ppg last year and competed in 32 games. Clearly not ready yet.

52……number of cards in a deck not rebounds given up. How’s that possible?

If at first you don’t succeed………….What was AP thinking in the first 4.5 minutes of the second half, especially after seeing how the points were made in the first half, i.e., driving to the basket and getting fouled in the process. After sitting due to foul trouble in the first, he was gonna change all that in the second with 24’-26’ bombs. Four duds in the first 4.5 minutes. Selfish? Freshman inexperience?

JG…………..Must play more. Plain and simple. Gets my vote for the most improved returning player.

CS……….A rock. Steadiest player on the team and has an excellent jumper. Wise……if the 3’s not there or going in, we’ll go inside to get his points like last night. Never misses from the line. Got 5 boards last night ……2 more than TK.

Unselfish play?……….20 assists on 30 made FGs vs. Rider and a “W.” Last night: 11 assists on 26 and a “L.” Oh yeah, not surprised that Fordham was 17 of 29. A stat that paved our way to countless victories last year.

CB………..Invisible 3 minutes. Didn’t even notice he was in the game.

Not in the game and time to forget and move on………. MS with 2 PFs in 9 minutes, otherwise all 0’s on the stat line. SW with 2 PF in 8 minutes, otherwise all 0’s.

JC……..Excellent all around game. Need him inside more and more. Our only rebounder (1/3 of all) and shot blocker (2 of our 3) on the team.

Houston tomorrow!