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Not sure why some insist on calling Devon Carter a highly recruited player.  If memory serves the only two other schools he visited were Bethune-Cookman and Columbia.  He had a good grade from the ESPN recuiting network, but wasn’t recognized by Scout or Rivals, and he received little local media attention or major post season accolades.

Goldsborough as well received no local media attention, and I still have never found another reported offer for him.

I do not say this at all to demean these two, and I could very well be misinformed, as following mid-major recruiting is mostly just hunting for scraps of info.  However, I do think we might need to rein in our expectations for these two.

Also, as an FYI, Zach Stahl who committed to LU last fall, only to “mutually part ways” (maybe due to a knee injury) with Lehigh is off to quite a good start at Northeastern.  He struggled to shoot the ball in his first game, but is playing 30 minutes a night for a 2-0 Northeastern team that has beaten solid Princeton and BU squads.  Not sure of who initiated the “parting of ways” but I really hope it was Zach and not the LU staff.