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Whoa, get off the ledge. My take is you and everyone else had high high high hopes for this team. They are slow getting out of the gate and need to find their way. A lot of attention was placed on CJ, not all team members can deal with that. Remember a few of these guys were stars on their team, unlike the last three seniors who were part of winning teams, but huge role players. Talk of NBA while another a younger player aspires the same can be distracting. Sorry to be so analytical, but I am trying to find a reason why LU is not playing to their potential. As was stated earlier, the players have improved, but the play has not. HG came off a disappointing second half of the season. Where is that fire? GK battling possibly his first major injury, other than the eye last year, may be playing tentatively, MM is trying to do a little too much, needs to trust his team and let’s not forget CJ, all teams are looking at his film multiple times. No one wants to be upset like Duke. Now the next logical step is for others guys to take the opportunity to shine, be the surprise player that no one expects! I look forward to seeing this team get it together and make this a competitive season. Stay off the ledges people. Peace!