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Lots of frosh hitting the headlines. Good for PL. Agree with K,most are playing now as the upperclassmen in front of them just aen’t that good.

Prior to yesterday I would’ve have said that that was not the issue at LU. At,Nick will be our QB but unlike other schools he is behind a much better QB.
LU problem not lack of talent but attitude and lack of focus yesterday. As Keith said yesterday,team so used to starting slow,falling behind does not motivate them. We finally got burned by that myth. On D, that jumble is mind numbing. Why? Probably all the reasons we have been posting all season.
On a masochistic note,I watched game this AM. Fumbles ,dropped passes, bad passes etc etc. No intensity,players felt they would turn it on at some point. Well that plan didn’t work out so well.
We haven’t stopped runs all year.No improvement.The Sisters of the Poor could run with impunity up the middle.
One thing I did see was that our DL w/o exception is composed of tall relatively light athletic kids. Ideal for a 4-3 but useless in the 3-4 w/o a runstuffer. Enuf. Andy has 2 weeks to fix it.We’ll see whether he can.