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BaylorHistory, I hope you realized most of my comments re:Baylor were tongue in cheek. 

In full disclosure, I lived in Dallas for many years and spent my graduate years at another cheater’s paradise, SMU.   I have been to Waco many times, mostly for football games.  While it is near Dallas, Austin and not terribly far from Houston or San Antonio, it’s a world away.  Also, the Methodists had no love for the Baptists.   At SMU, the quote was “Methodists are Baptists who can read”.   As a Presbyterian, I couldn’t really comment.  The Baylor students seemed to be similar to the ones at SMU and TCU, although Baylor always had the reputation as the most religious place by far.  I am not a big believer in any of the Texas programs being real clean, especially in football.  It is so important there, and so many boosters around to corrupt everything.  I would think Larry Brown has an open checkbook now on the Hilltop at SMU.  When a program jumps so quickly, from the ashes of the Baylor scandal, where players were killing each other under Bliss (another SMU cheat), you have to wonder if it is all being done by the book.  I have my doubts, but I realize Drew has been under a lot of scrutiny and nothing has turned up.  Anybody who has ever been to Waco has to wonder what the draw is to bring in the athletes they have been pulling, football, basketball and woman’s basketball.