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It is a very interesting dynamic going on there for sure.  You have Drew recruiting like crazy, and absolutely hated by the other Big 12 coaches who think he is a cheat.  He and Calipari were named most hated by the other NCAA coaches and the biggest cheaters in a poll.  My understanding is he is a pretty religious guy, so you have that dynamic as well.  You have the Baptist heritage, and those beliefs conflicting with any potential cheating.  Not to mention, Baylor’s history of cheating was as long as any other SWC school.  Many violations in prior regimes.  Then, to add to the irony, you have Ken Starr (special investigator) as the President of the University.  Great article about it awhile back in SI. 

It had always been UT and A&M miles ahead of everyone else, with TTU at the next echelon, with OU and Arkansas also recruiting heavily in the State.  Baylor, SMU, TCU, Houston and Rice were always afterthoughts.  But, now Baylor and TCU are hanging with the big boys and beating them pretty frequently.  SMU, Rice and Houston got left behind when the SWC split, and probably will never catch up.  I remember a time when folks were furious that Baylor survived the split, but they have shown recently, they deserve to play with the big boys.   Now, it will be interesting to see how recruiting shakes out with A&M moving to SEC.