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90, when it comes to posts, I think you and 00 offer some truly insightful comments.  But, when you say, “I see Baylor as kind of a throwaway game” and “Nobody expects us to go down to Waco, in front of a raucous band of Baptists, and win.”  I respectfully disagree and in reply would say, “That is, all except: Gabe, Holden, CJ, BJ, and Mackey – the 5 who played a combined 132 minutes of inspired ball against mighty Duke and did it in front of 15,000 fans in enemy territory + and a national TV audience.  Not only did they live to tell about it, they won the damn game.  Stefan, Anthony, Corey, Conroy, Tyrone and Cory saw it with their own eyes.  And, I’m convinced they’re believers in what they witnessed.  Justin and Devon will soon become believer, if they haven’t already done so.   No, I’m not ready to throw this game away and start the season 0-1 in Pittsburgh on Monday.   Will we win today?  Probably not – especially if forced to play with 40% of our starting five dressed in street clothes.  But, it won’t be for lack of effort or for being in awe of the bright lights.

As for Baylor’s big boys, I think it’s important to note, as “Baylor History” began to point out, that Morgan (6’11” and 275) didn’t play last year.  In fact, by my count, he hasn’t played a meaningful game in over 600 days, ending what was his junior year with 4 pts in 26 minutes against Texas – a game Baylor loss 54-60.  During that campaign, he averaged  3.0ppg, 2.4 rpg, 1 block/game, and topped it off shooting a dazzling .391 from the free throw line.  And for Austin (7’1″ and 270), Gathers (6’8″ and 260), and Rykhuek (6’11” and 230) – all true freshmen – they have combined for 0 minutes and 0 points.   The true scoring threat down low may be Cory Jefferson (6’9″ and 210) who played in 34 games as a reserve power forward last year.  He average 10.5 mpg, recording 3.6ppg, 2.5 rpg, and 1.2 blocks per contest.  By no means am I suggesting Conroy and Justin are any of their equals, but won’t it be fun to watch them go up against such nationally recognized talent.  That said, the backcourt matchup of CJ and Mackey vs. Jackson and Heslip should be worth the price of admission or a few beers at an neighborhood bar that is equipped with Direct TV (Channel 676).  In fact, that’s where I’m headed now.

Deflated and depressed?  No, not really…..just anxious.

Good luck, Guys!