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Well, that was not very much fun to watch.  Just destroyed in the paint.  Playing SC at the 4 for extended stretches.  That is just not going to work against those 6’10+ athletes Baylor was running out there (I know Reed had no choice in this game with Gabe out, but it was still ugly).  Goldsborough and Carter both seemed to really struggle with the speed of the game.   Mackey played well at stretches but also tended to try to do too much sometimes and turn the ball over.

On a positive note, Schaefer looked really good.  I really like what he brings to the table.  CJ was tremendous and looks like he is even better than last year.

Stat of the night (besides Baylor’s 14 dunks):  LU had 9 assists compared to 28 to Baylor.  Wow.

It will be interesting to see how the team bounces back on Monday.  Really really REALLY hope that BJ and Gabe will be available then.

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