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Man one could not be more excited for hoops season, but between chuku and this now with gabe, just totally totally deflating man. I’m just so frustrated, my whole point all along has been in the last yr of CJ, with the upside game changing type year this could be, you have to use your schollies and get depth up front. We’re 2 man down, 2 front court schollies down for this year, and now GK is hurt..granted, it seems minor, but that is not the point. A safstrom schollie where guy ends up doing nothing for 4 years would have been warranted and forgiven  just to have a big guy with a heartbeat and 5 fouls…we have zero depth, and it is pretty discouraging…hard to believe, really hard to believe. Got to hope JG is ready to go man, he should probably start on Friday now.

Maybe we’ll go razorbacks 40 minutes of HELL now!