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Just to be clear, nowhere in the article is the word doubtful, and I think there is still hope.

“The timetable [for their return] hasn’t been established yet,” coach Brett Reed said. “Clearly, we’re identifying it for the Baylor game.”

I’m not saying they are going to play, and I have no inside info.  Obviously, it would be a huge, massive, mega loss if they are out, and I agree 100% with Hoops about a missed opportunity by the coaching staff.  They knew around the new year last year that McCarthy was done for his career, or that it was at least a possibilty.  They must have known as well that Chuku likely would be ineligible this year.  The fact that there was no plan B or C has come back to haunt us.  Even if McCarthy were healthy that would make one true center in 5 recruiting classes, and with him out that makes zero.

I hope that both GK and BJB injuries end up being minor and both play on Friday.  Nothing else to do but hope at this point.