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I see Baylor as kind of a throwaway game.  Nobody expects us to go down to Waco, in front of a raucous band of Baptists, and win.  I think even short BJB, we can matchup in the backcourt.  Plus, their frontcourt is about as experienced as ours is.  Only problem is the Baylor frontcourt is HUGE.  Essentially, three 7 footers on the roster.  With the crowd that will be there and it being their opener, I see us getting absolutely manhandled on the glass.  Without GK, obviously, that mismatch gets worse.  I assume without Gabe, you are looking at a starting frontcourt of HG (at the 3), CB (at the 4), and JG (at the 5).  Appropriately, for Baylor, a so-called baptism by fire.  CB and JG are going to be giving up a ton of girth and height, but hopefully, they can manage the defensive backboard.

Side note on Baylor.  Scott Drew must be running one of the most, if not, the most, crooked programs in America.  You don’t go from basically an outback in rural TX to national power that quickly unless you are paying everybody and their brother.  The level of recruits he has gotten, so quickly, is remarkable, and leads me to believe he is cheating like no other.  In typical Texas fashion, the God fearing Christians at Baylor, simply turn their heads, and show up to cheer on the football and basketball programs.  It harkens back to the heyday of the Southwest Conference.  Probation has to be just around the corner.

Lehigh has to control the tempo in this to have a chance, and not get blown out of the gym early.  CJ is going to have to be otherworldly.  We got the benefit of Duke in basically an empty arena (a disgrace considering it was an hour from Durham).  Not going to have that in Waco.  Expect a sea of green screaming from the opening tip.  I don’t like the way the planets are lining up for this one.  I think it goes something like Baylor Branch Davidians 90 Lehigh 62.  Hope I am wrong.