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Regarding our D, do you think we can make some adjustments or personnel changes in order to do a better job against the run? I can’t say I’m totally comfortable with the job our DB’s did, either.

Running game is okay; agree with the comments about Sherman — not seeing much speed. I was surprised Sodeke didn’t get more touches. Farrell did a very good job on short yard situations. He’s a strong, tough runner. I think #33 would have made an impact (of course, I’m a little partial).

Really like Pandy a lot. I watched him practicing during halftime. He’s got a very strong leg.

I’d like to see our D generate more turnovers, and I’d like to see some better kickoff returns. But hey, we’re 1-0, not 0-1 like that team is Easton. They’re jumping off the bandwagon like penguins jumping off an iceberg. If we can fix the run D, I think we’re in for a really nice season.