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Good analysis, guys.

For his first game (and still wrestling with an injury) — other than two passes he should have held — BB, the QB, played pretty well. No, he’s not a confident runner, yet. (Looks like he has decent speed, but runs too straight up.) Seems to remain calm and smart under pressure. Sure does not have the kind of arm we’re used to … how far can he take team against tougher defenses? We’ll see. Seems to have the winning character of another left QB out of an NFL job now. What a comeback.

(That said, goes to show younger QBs need some real reps in meaningless games at some point.)

Almost seems like DLs and LBs are undersized. … Robb, who played a great game, is listed at only 210. At 6-3, he’d be a nice-size DB to guard that 6-6 guy.

Tackling was shaky, but that can improve …

Imagine if Farrell could have played like that last two years … Nice depth at RB, WR and TE.

And the freshman KR guy is liable to break some. Got some great speed.