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StablerBum – Agree to a point on GK’s rebounds, but am willing to chaulk it up to perhaps a bit of tiredness (3 games in 8 days) and the looming prospect of exams. Actually, the pergame difference between his 9 games this year and his 34 last year is -.7 rebounds/game. Can live with it, especially when his sidekick, HG, is +.8 rpg ahead this year.

Rebounding, as has been pointed out in many of our posts, is problematic. And, we may have seen the easiest in terms of competition! It could get dicey in the weeks ahead. Right not we rank 6th in the PL with 32.4 rpg and 7th if you look at the number of boards our opponents pull down of 36.4 rpg. Both numbers fall far short of our 2011-12 production of 35.9 per game while allowing 34.3 per game. May Gabe, Holden, and CJ continue to enjoy good health while Conroy and Justin find the minutes to improve their skills. While I’m at it, let’s hope Anthony and Stefan continue see “D” and “Rebounding” as key elements of their job description. The latter is beginning to take shape as the two pulled down a combined 20 boards in the last three games. Piece it all together and there’s hope.