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Listen to UNT Coach Benton’s post game report.

“Knutson is one of the best post men in the country”



Let us not forget…….

> DC joins two walk-ons (Staggers and Goodman) for one minute of play

> In 15 minutes of play JG and CB score 3 points and haul down 1 board.

> We were out-rebounded by 12 (48 to 36)

As mentioned before, CS (season-long A/TO ratio of 4.2) is more than capable of running the show and, in so doing, frees-up MM to spot-up for his 3’s. I would expect to see more of this when we “go small” as the season gets under way.

With the win last night, KenPom jumps us up to #56 in his rankings – our highest point of the year. We continue to be the nation’s #1 three-point shooting team and #3 in Free Throws. P.S. Bucknell slipped to #42 after escaping with a win over #231 Marist on Wednesday.