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Getting on here late, love all the game comments.  That was a really nice win, without your superstar.  Guys stepped up, and that was really nice to see.  I was surprised how easy the game was without CJ.  MM, Gabe and HG were great, and AD and CS played well.  Things that stand out, and some were mentioned, and outside the obvious, MM 6 turns to 7 assists, while CS was 4 assists to 0 turns.  Those 2 could be on the floor a lot together next season.  BJB 23 minutes, and bolstered rebounding almost immediately with 5.  CB 0 points, 4 fouls.  SC 9 minutes, 0 points.  Surprising, on the last one, as I would have penciled him in for 15 without CJ in the pregame.

I was left after that game with one thought.  Is Gabe Knutson the best big man to ever put on the Brown and White of Lehigh?  I think at this point, it has become a 2 man conversation with him and Dozie Mbonu.  Gabe probably won’t reach the career numbers of Mbonu in points or rebounds.  But, he might have Mbonu in the intangibles like leadership.  I think if Gabe is not the best big man ever for Lehigh, he clearly features the smoothest post moves, and best all around game of a Lehigh big man.  Adept in the post with the drop step, and ball faking, with a nice mid-range face up game, and range out to the 3 point line.  Mbonu was more of a traditional low post banger and scorer, but Gabe can do a lot for a player of his size.  I love watching his offensive game.