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Gabe really stepped up.  The fact that he has seemed content throughout his career to play in the shadow of CJ I think says a lot about both he and CJ’s character, as well as Docs ability to build a team.

Love BJB coming up with 5 boards in his first game.  That is something that he can help with immediately.

CS is great.  Love to watch him play.

I actually think that last night was an encouraging one for JG.  6 minutes and just one foul, along with an old school 3 point play and an assist and block?  That might be the first time this year his pts, blks, assts, and recbounds have outnumbered his fouls in a particular outing.  Hopefully it is a confidence booster and he continues to improve.

And how about AD with 8 boards and HG dropping 15/8.  Loved all the contributions last night.

Best part of all might be that CJ has 8 days off to rest before we have games again.