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This game scares me.  It doesn’t matter how good your defense is if you can’t finish the possession and wrap up the rebound.  If we give up 15 offensive rebounds, that will likely be about 10 layups which NT will shoot a very high percentage on.  Hope that BJ can help on the boards a little, and maybe we can get Mitchell in foul trouble.  Even though we are ranked higher than NT by most metrics, I think this is an extremely difficult matchup for us as their biggest strength is our biggest weakness, and unlike 3 pt shooting and other statistical advantages LU has, rebounding is usually pretty consistent whereas shooting can always go cold.

I wouldn’t go zone unless GK gets in foul trouble, as zones are very difficult to rebound out of and I think NT might have a field day on the boards.  I would like to see a solid 10-15 minutes of HG, GK, and CB on the floor together to try to negate the size and rebounding mismatch.  Really hope that LU pulls this out as it would be a solid road win coming off the long break.