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I think most of us on here penciled in 3 losses in the OOC.  We were worried about North Texas and Robert Morris, and pretty much conceded the VCU, Baylor and Pitt games.  With a surprise in there we were looking at a 2 loss OOC, which would have been a good sign for the team.  But, now, we are staring 4 losses in the face going to Richmond on Saturday.  I think we are all going to be very disappointed with a 4 loss OOC, and we will look back and say we underperformed, considering Pitt and Baylor were blowouts (VCU may be as well), and a home loss to a soft opponent (granted they have surprised early, but Bryant ain’t Kentucky).  For me, we pretty much need to upset VCU, to make all right in the Lehigh basketball world.

I didn’t see the game, but how hobbled is CJ?  I thought this was a minor thing that happened the day prior or day of the UNT game.  But, that game was December 20th, so we are 10 days later and it still appears to be an issue.  We have been lucky that CJ has been a model of health for 4 years (this I think is first game he ever missed), but I am very worried if this thing lingers.  If he is not 100% we could be looking at a few more losses in the PL.

Quick note on that …. PL schedule … I will concede a loss at Bucknell, because logic tells me they are the favorite there even though we won twice there last season, but if we lose any other conference games, I am going to be disappointed.  But, I am pretty worried after Bryant.  A lot of games may be in play for us in the PL.  I think every road contest is potentially a loss, even Colgate, who looks improved.  We lose every year at HC, and American has been no picnic for us.  I am not jumping off the bridge, but more than 1 loss in the PL, and this regular season is a disappointment.