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Gabe’s 29 Dec. Tweets following the Bryant game

“My personal worst game of the year. It cost us.”

“Tough one today. I appreciate all the support! On to the next one.”

For us to succeed we need Gabe to be a force on the boards. While he has a surprising nice touch from beyond the arc, let’s get him into the lane. There’s no way our tallest player at 6’9″ should be 4th in rebounding trailing HG, CJ, and BJ. The Bryant game was a nightmare for our big guy hitting just 1 of 7 FGs in 37 minutes while pulling down just 4 boards. And, that was an improvement over snatching just 2 boards in each of the previous three games. I look for Gabe, an honor student who may have other things on his mind – such as exams – for the past 3 weeks, to turn it around in the weeks to come. He’ll have to if we’re going to make noise in PL play.