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My biggest problem with this loss, as has been mentioned earlier on this thread, is the scheduling.  Good teams, even great teams will lose games to teams they should beat (although preferably NOT at home).  The issue is that with the scheduling that LU has, there are VERY limited opportunities for good wins and abundant opportunities for bad losses.  When you pad your OOC schedule with 80%+ teams you should beat, you are almost surely going to get upset at least once.  Especially when you factor in that all the 15+ point victories can lull a team to sleep.  Bucknell had a similar bad loss to Princeton (albeit on the road) yet they have enough solid wins that can outweigh it.  LU at this point has 0 good wins and one bad loss.

I don’t know the schedule is always so weak, but someone somewhere needs to address it.  Play another guarantee game, that is $300K, flip that and pay for a decent mid major to come to stabler.  Or offer a two for 1 to every school in the A-10.  I refuse to believe there isn’t a way.