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My sense is much of the frustration with the Bryant game is not directed at the players as much as the coaching staff.  An organizational problem has become painfully manifest with the lack of plausible replacements for situational players John Adams and Justin Manieri and the failure of the 3 guard system to provide the length and heft necessary to guard the perimeter and defend/rebound the post.

Many of the players, in fact, performed with incredible heart – I would place CJ and Mackey at the top of that list.  They both appeared hobbled but nevertheless played with great intensity.  CJ – instead of his usual slashing to the basket – did his damage from the 3 point line and the foul line.  Mackey seemed to be showboating somewhat early but later played with great intensity through was appeared to be painful leg cramps.
Gabe – as he was the first to admit – dropped an egg.  But, not for lack of trying as much as impatience and poor shot selection. Holden – who has been a disappointment to me all season, actually played pretty well.