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I was in complete agreement with you gohawks63 until the last sentence. I’m not sure what your expectations were for Greiner but I think he’s having a fine season.  He is arguably the 4th scoring option on this team and is still averaging 11.1 ppg. He’s doing it while shooting 52.8% from the field (2nd only to Gabe), 47.1% from 3s and 79.3% from the FT. I’d class all of those # as being splendid. He leads the team in rebounding by A LOT. (76 to 58 from CJ). He is only 1 block behind Gabe and is tied with CJ for the team lead in steals. His Assist to TO is 1.5 to 1.  I’ve attended 3 games this year and IMHO, he would have won the hustle award in every one of them. His defense needs some improvement but he is typically guarding guys that are both bigger and more athletic than him. We knew that going in though.

We tend to sing the praises of Gabe on here and it is true that he is shooting the ball VERY well and sometimes that is all we notice. Look at the other parts of the game though and he has been underperforming Greiner in virtually every other phase of the game.

That’s just one man’s opinion :-)