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Through 12 games, DC is at 26 minutes played, 7 attempts, 1 made FG, a 3 pointer.

Our walk-ons, TS 9 minutes played, CG 15 minutes played.

You have to figure out in the OOC schedule what you have with a recruited player.

On another note, why did SC only get 4 minutes vs. Bryant?  And CS under 10 minutes as well?  Did those guys just show no abillity to defend the perimeter against guard oriented Bryant?  AD 14 minutes, and BJB 24 minutes.  If you are going to give BJB starter’s minutes, then start him, and let him play 25 minutes with the premium core players.  Then give SC the majority of the leftover minutes as his scoring and shooting ability outweigh anything that AD brings to the table. 

Only 2 games left to tweak the lineup and rotation prior to conference play.  BJB needs an established role, and the bench wing players need expectations set so they are comfortable in their roles.