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Agree with much of what you guys – far more learned than me – are saying. Although I’m not ready to throw Reed under the bus.

Allow me to advance a thought – call it “may fear.” Simply, Coach Reed may know something we don’t. And, knows it from practicing his players 2-3 hours a day for the past 80 or so days – scenes none of us are privy to. That is, we just don’t have the talent we all thought we would have sitting on the bench this year. Maybe CB, JG and DC just don’t have it (D-I game ready talent on both sides of the ball), no matter what we thought we saw out of CB last year and no matter what we, as anxious fans, may have read into the recruiting numbers and high school performances of DC and JG. Certainly Staggers and Goodman, our walk-ons, don’t have it yet are viewed as essential to the team as “practice players.” I’m not saying this is the case or that we should lump CB, JG, and DC in with JC and consider them all in the same class as Staggers and Goodman, but simply offer it up for discussion and thought. Those of us who have followed the team since Reed’s arrival know he’s acting out of character this year for it has always been his philosophy to give 10-12 minutes/game to 10 + players in nearly every OOC game. Check the box scores from prior years. It hasn’t happened this year and perhaps talent, or better said, lack thereof is the reason why. It’s an ugly thought but one to keep an open mind to until proven otherwise. Like many of you, I’m fearful but hold out hope that we can somehow make it this year with a shortened roster. It’s too late now, after our 12th game, to change or do anything but root for the guys dressed in brown and white. It is what it is. PL play is the only thing that really matters anyhow. For those wishing to back to the NCAAs, you can say the only thing that matters is how we perform on March 6th, 9th, and 13th.