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I agree, 65, in that the talent may not be there, which is why the minutes are limited.  But, nobody jumps from the high school level to ANY college level, ready to play.  It takes experience in games, not just practice, for the game to slow down, like it did for these guys in high school.  All freshmen are projects to some extent, but you can’t develop them on the bench.  Some will take longer to develop, usually the big guys, and the ones that take longer we will call “projects”.  But, I think you need to give CB, JG, DC and to a lesser extent SC, CS time to develop, and that time is during the OOC slate of games.  For some reason, that has not happened.  If you look at the past few years, most of our recruited wings got fairly immediate playing time.  HG started early in the career, as did CJ, of course.  AD played big minutes in his first college game.  SC and CS saw a fair amount of PT last season.  But, DC, virtually nothing.  You can’t progress playing 2 minutes of garbage time.  He has only had one extended run of 10 minutes in the FDU game, and that was garbage time as well.  Maybe Reed thought an at-large was in the mix, if he could post 25 wins.  But, Bryant certainly ended that fallacy.  I am not sure why he is not focusing on developing younger players in this OOC year, like he has in the past.

He has a responsibility at this point to develop the few bigs he has.  If you are not going to bring in big players, you better develop what little you have.  There is really no excuse.  He better turn CB and JG into big men, or whoever coaches the big guys (the KM look-a-like, forget his name) better turn them into serviceable players.  You can’t play bigger team in size or status with a lineup of guards.