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Just a couple of points about the Reed criticism.  #1)  The much hailed coach from last year didn’t wake up this year and suddenly become incompetent.  #2) Regarding his lack of recruiting college ready big men; this is not an uncommon problem at the Patriot league level.  Knutsons and Muscalas don’t grow on trees.  Everyone recruits the few that are out there and you have to get lucky to get them at this level.  #3)  To question the coach’s enthusiasm for the long term success of our program, because he’s looking forward to a bigger job is ludicrous.  Lack of a poor recruiting class or classes after the CJ-GK-HG  success certainly doesn’t help him get a better job.   #4)  As to the CB-JG-DC lack of playing time….I have to guess the coaching staff has a millenium’s worth more experience than any of us in judging & coaching.  Bottom line for me is, I gotta’ trust the staff knows what they are doing and it’s in the best interest of this team.  In a completely unfair & uneducated observation (by me) while watching team warmups, I must admit though, the three don’t look very impressive.