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Quote: “ Money – always comes down to money, and I would think Lehigh was paying Taylor between $100-150,000 a season.  That most likely tripled at Ball State to around the $400,000-$500,000 range. ‘


Taylor was making no more than $125,000 – probably less – when he left LU.    His new contract at Ball State was for $182,000 a year for 5 years.   No idea how much the buyout would be.   Taylor, btw, had also interviewd at Ball State the previous year when Ronnie Thompson got the job.

I agree with most of your reasons.   I think one thing that helped was Taylor having been close to getting the job the year before – when LU had a much better team and had gone 11-3 in the PL ( a good accomplishment considering Bucknell was 14-0 and HC was very good as well.)