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Tough loss tonight, because team played with so much heart and effort, which I think we expected.
If CJ didn’t go down, we most certainly win this game. Holden played like a senior should and with a brother down, total gutsy effort by HG. Gabe battled foul trouble and only got 27 minutes in but did okay, I would have loved to have gone through GK once CJ went down. I can’t recall too many trips down the floor when we got the ball down into GK and let offense run through his post up game. He showed early in game that he could post up Reddic, but we didn’t go to the well enough in my opinion.

CS, love this kid, never seems flustered and made a lot of great passes and shots, always in right position and not afraid to get dirty.

AD – got toasted a few times on defense, but chipped in 5 board and hit a few shots, was a decent game for AD.

MM – wild wild wild, ton of turnovers and forced up some bad shots, not the best game for MM.

BJ – just not there yet, hoping it comes soon, need it more now than ever.

SC – buried right now, how quickly he has been pushed back on depth chart.

CB/JG – didn’t get much here, not unusual. CB just can’t catch a freeking bounce pass man, he has no hands, it is tough to watch. CS hit him with a beauty and he just bricked it badly.

Tough loss, gutty effort, showed a lot of heart.