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Great report 90. So glad one of us could make the trip. Thanks!

Like everyone else, I was glued to the TV and have rerun the DVR a number of times and will again now after reading your report and the NBA scout’s comments.

There’s little I can add to what already been reported other than my …..

> continued desire to see BJ become the BJ of old or how about 1/2 of what he once was? A 12 minute stat line of all 0’s broken by 1 PF and 1 Steal just won’t cut it. Not even a rebound.
> admiration for the gutsy and workmanlike manner in which Holden Greiner does his job – often the dirty work so necessary for team success.
> fear that AD will never be the defender we need him to be. Couldn’t believe my eyes to see him paired up against Daniels in the early going and for the way he was left standing completely out of position on two or three VCU made baskets later in the game. Yes, he scored and rebounded the ball well but on what is now a depleted guard team with CJ on the bench, we need his cover on defense more than ever.
> wish that Corey Schaefer get added minutes. Actually thought (earlier post) that he would have been given the start over AD to perhaps better deal with VCU’s Havoc. Anyway, you feel good knowing the ball is in his hands. He’s as sure of himself on the court as any sophomore pg I’ve seen. Let’s call him a “non-flashy” safer version of Mackey. He’s got surprising quickness to the board (high lofting shots off the glass) and the ability to knock down the occasional three.

Most of all, I liked the gut-check play of our team. All of a sudden with 5:36 to play in the first half, we lose CJ, we’re down by 8 (17-25) to a highly rated VCU squad on their home floor before 7200 fans screaming for the kill. What happens? We go up by one at the half but keep it competitive throughout the game. At game’s end, we actually out-rebounded the Rams and had a slightly higher FG%. TO’s killed us (no surprise) as did the fact that we couldn’t get into a comfortable offensive flow. Attempting just 47 FGs is not the pace of winning LU basketball. But, we survived and having done the same down in Texas without CJ – but with a win over UNT – I think we will hold our own in PL play and perhaps even surprise a few by the results. It’s apparent from last night we’ve got the heart and desire needed.