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Without CJ for awhile or rest of season, I have a few thoughts.  First, I would not start BB.  He has looked invisible since he came back.  Zero intensity at either end.  And, he hasn’t shown an ability to be a defensive stopper.    The logical choice would be SC for his scoring punch, but I don’t like AD and SC on the floor together.  So, my new starter would be CS in a 3 guard rotation with MM and AD.  CS gives you more ball handling and solid 3 point shooting.  I like the ball in his hands better than MM’s hands.  I would like to see some MM at the 2.  As far as record, I think they go better than .500 in the conference, probably 10-4 or 9-5.  The league is pretty soft outside of Bucknell, but a lot of away games come into play now.  At HC, Army, Navy, American could be losses, and possible to trip up at Gate and Lafayette.  Bucknell road loss is a given.

But, all not lost.  If CJ can be back, this could be good for team long term.