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While I wasn’t impressed with AD’s defense (his 2 or 3 glaring missteps – getting toasted as OO said – probably stood out in my mind than the otherwise fine all-around play which included 5 boards), he is a logical start going forward. He certainly plays taller than his 6’2″ height and has to be acknowledged for this recent scoring punch (7 out of 13 FGs in his last three) and steady advancement in rebounding (15 in the last 4 games).

I’m all-in on Corey Schaefer as a starter.

BJB. Three games back. 1 for 8 in 59 minutes. Three points. Is he not getting open looks or are we not getting him the ball? Back to the video tapes. No boards yesterday but 5 in each of the preceding games. Remains a questionable starter when otherwise would have thought to be an automatic choice with CJ down.