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Agree, we need to run everything through GK on the low block.  That is our first option on every trip.  He needs to stay out of foul trouble.  On perimeter, I like everything running through HG.  He has game to break man down off dribble and get to rim, and ability to hit the 3 ball.  MM worries me.  I like him moving to the 2, but he needs to really step up.  He is nowhere near his late season form last year.  He was a monster down the stretch last year on the offensive end, and need to see more of that.  I don’t like what I see from BB at all.  Everything looks bad, hustle, body language, on ball defense, focus, shooting, you name it.  He would be my 3rd choice behind CS and SC.  He’s going to get minutes, but he needs to start stuffing the stat sheet.  He was invisible yesterday and has been since return.  He looks like a freshman who has never seen the court. 

If you asked me preseason, I would have said DC slides in to pick up the slack from the wing/slash spot.  Guess he is not at the top of coach’s list, huh?  Talk about a guy going through the motions, he doesn’t even run in the warmups.  Slow walk through every drill, rarely ever finds the energy to rebound a ball in warmups and actually take a shot.  It is ridiculous.  At this point, I can’t tell if he would have a game off the dribble as I have never seen him run.  And, that left handed shot, yikes, ugly.  The other option, and you know, I cringe saying this, is putting CB in at the 4, moving HG to the more natural 3, with AD and MM in backcourt.  Would potentially help on defensive end and rebounding.  But, my first choice is CS.  If I have to watch another bounce pass ricochet off those stone hands, I may have a heart attack.  If he could catch, he would get 2-3 bunnies a night.