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I agree with the sentiment that based upon play so far, Corey S has earned a shot at the 5 spot. I’ve already made it clear I am not a fan of AD at this level.  He is a jump shooter (at best) whose size and wingspan made him a serious vulnerability on the perimeter. Sad to say too, BJ’s problems seem be bigger than concussions.  He simply seems to lack the mental focus to achive his full potential. Perhaps Coach Reed can again conjur up the old BJ Bailey, but I’m beginning to wonder. To me, Steffan C seems to have the biggest upside of this group of players – size, downcourt speed, and gorgeous stroke – but he has not yet been afforded the opportunity to prove he can perform on both ends of the court.

But, Corey S has shown – several times over now – he handles the ball extremely well, he can shoot, and he has an uncany ability to dribble penetrate and create his own opportunites in the lane.  He doesn’t look like a Div 1 ball player but he has more heart than anyone on the team other than Mackey M.

In CJ’s absence, I would start BJ – with a very short leash – and CS. I would bring in SC as the 6th.

HG needs to play every game like he seems to against the bigs. And Gabe needs to just relax and be more patient. Sometimes wait for a second touch before he begins to break down his defender …