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Quick Observations – from computer watch

Both CB and JG seemed at ease and relieved to be in a game “among equals.” No wide-eye looks. They showed determination and spunk under the basket and ran the floor well. Again, this was not VCU or for that matter even Fordham. Instead it was as billed – a D-III schedule filler. It turned out to be the perfect tonic. Each player got a shot of long overdue confidence.

CS is, as some would say, sick. Quick with his feet, hands that never seem to leave the ball, and on target passes – even no look feeds that catch recipients in perfect stride. 11 Assists to 1 Turnover. I don’t care if it came against Muhlenberg. The guy is the real deal and could/perhaps should supplant Mackey. 2 and 1/2 more years of enjoyment lie ahead. Coach, keep recruiting coach’s kids! You can’t go wrong.

Shocked and pleasantly surprised to see CB drop free throws with ease. Great form. 19 for 21 (.905 ytd).

AD – best point per minute player on the court last night. Continues to play over his height and exhibits both quickness and good anticipation which lead to 2 blocks and 3 steals. Perhaps his best game of the year.

Still concerned about BJ. Got the start in what I assume was a move to get him going. But, he hasn’t found his stroke – not last night (1 for 6) … not yet (4 games, 85 minutes, 2 for 14). He’s one dimensional now – 6 boards last night and averaging a rebound every 5.3 minutes on the court. For perspective, HG is 1 every 4.6 minutes and GK is 1 every 6.0 minutes. Short-handed as we are, we need BJB to be a two-way player and be that soon.

Now the fun begins. Oh yeah, Holy Cross beat us in Game One last year 84-78.