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With all the Xs and 0s of this game covered most admirably – and accurately I might add from my Row 2 perch at the game – by LUHoops00 and the others who posted above, allow me to share with you three stories/audios that many of you may have missed. Take the time to read/listen to Chris’s, i.e., Hooptime’s post game interview of the combatants and then give a read to his “Difference in Big Game” article where he pulls no punches. To top it off, I have added select comments from one Bison fan and active contributor (1735 posts) to their Board. His name: bison63.

or as bison63 said: “Lehigh is better than Bucknell. How do I know? Three straight closely contested matches, all in Sojka, and in all three BU was the team that blinked. They are better than us, until we prove otherwise. I don’t care that their schedule was a bunch of patsies, and ours was better. They are better than us with CJ and without him, and that is true until we prove it is not. Forget “at large,” forget mid major rankings, find a f$#@ing way to beat Lehigh.”