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Finally computer service has returned. My trip to Bucknell with LU65 was extraordinary in every respect. Thank you for the company and the great seats LU65. I will have to give credit for the result to others though :-).
First, for those who have not been to Bucknell yet, the athletic facility is fantastic. They did a wonderful job. The basketball arena is a bit smaller than I expected (perhaps around 3,000, not sure) but it really adds to the intimacy and intimidation. There is not a bad seat in the house.
Offensively, it was not one of our better games, although BJ , MM and CS were huge from 3 when it was most needed. Much of the credit can be given to Bucknell’s D. As good as Muscala is, I think I may have forced him to play defense earlier and more often. If for no other reason, then to facilitate a few early fouls. Bucknell was only called for 2 fouls in the entire 1st half. We began attacking about 1/4 way through the 2nd half and I believe both Muscala and Willman picked up 2 fouls. That changed the game.
I would also like to see more screens. Not just to drive around but to shoot behind. IMHO, we relied a lot on one on one moves to get open. Watch for it against Lafayette. I loved the weave however.We only used it a couple of times and truthfully, I’m not sure if it led to an easy basket but it’s great ball movement and there is so much we can run off of it.
Last negative. We stopped team rebounding in this game. It was a hallmark of the last few games for me. I’m not saying that the rebounds were not spread around statistically, but we were not crashing the boards en masse. In fact we were often in mass retreat on the offensive end.
The biggest positive was the defense and it was VERY positive. It was relentless. Great hustle. Nice switching. Superb physicality while remaining under control. Bucknell got off very few uncontested shots. We will need the same type of perimeter intensity on Sunday. The place should be rocking. For those who have not made a game yet, you need to put time aside. This Lehigh team is very well coached, very talented and plays the epitome of team ball.