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Quote:    A question for 137, how much is Willman operating out of the post on offense this year? Is Paulsen going to him down low or is Willman pretty much just shooting mid-range jumpers that he specializes in when he is open off a Muscala double team? This is one of the matchups that has to go LU’s way for a win.


They play it both ways – especially if Willman doesn’t have a big defender on him.    In that case, Muscala will also pop out high and Willman will post up.   JW has a good ability to back his man in and then shoot a little stepback jumper from 4-8 feet.    Muscala has turned into a very good passer and a number of his assists go to Willman.   He is currently 6th in the PL in assists and, unlike past seasons, he also has a very good assist:turnover ratio.   In fact, there are only three regular big men in the league who have an assist:turnover ratio above 1.0  –  Muscala (1.53), Willman (1.19), and Greiner (1.18).   Most of them are nowhere close to 1.0.