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Some final thoughts as I start my trek west to meet TMH and then on to Lewisburg:

1. Lehigh’s Game Notes tell us what a win tonight would mean for Lehigh fans, e.g., Reed’s 108th career win, etc., etc., but has anyone given much thought to what it would mean for Bucknell fans who delight in Bracketology and their lofty NCAA seed projections. Might it just damper their enthusiasm a bit? Checkout their Board below.

2. You can’t score if you don’t have the ball.
In league play to date, Lehigh stands alone at the top when it comes to ball thefts with 35 Steals. That’s nearly 12 per game and slightly better than twice the number posted to date by Bucknell. MM, AD, BJ, and HG are all in the League’s top 7. That fact alone won’t do it, in terms of pulling off a win tonight, but it’s certainly worth watching.

3. What surprise performances will it take to get a win tonight? Or, maybe just a gutsy defense and pin-point threes will do it alone. Of course, anyone of the following would help: AD going off for 15, SC burying 5 from deep, BJ registering 4 blocks and 10 points, MM dishing out 7 and scoring 14, JG/CB combining for 10 boards in relief performances, HG bringing back memories of Michigan State, or GK reliving UNT? What do you think will be needed?