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I’m with you, 63, on CS. You and I have been calling for his minutes for a long time now. As for AD, I’ll give him this: He can jump. He certainly plays taller than his published 6’2″ height. Great early block today. Thought I saw another later but not credited with it. Probably has one of the highest verticle leaps on the team. Shooting (production and style) leaves a lot to be disired.

As for BJ, he’s back and just in time! It took patience on both Reed and the player’s part through OOC play this year, but he seems to have regained his confidence and strock. Both couldn’t have come at a better time. His shot is true and deserves CJ-type minutes. Here’s a rundown of his 3-point production over the last 10 games:

2012 PL Playoffs
Colgate: 2 for 3
American: 2 for 3
Bucknell: 2 for 2

Duke: 0 for 1
Xavier: 0 for 1

This year
HC: 2 for 2
AU: 0 for 1
CU: 1 for 3
BU: 4 for 4
LC: 2 for 3

Overall: 15 for 23 (.652)